Global Metal Solutions offer access to quality precision manufacturers of components based in the European Union at competitive prices to help reduce costs in your supply chain

About Us

Global Metal Solutions main niche is to provide their customers with a full turnkey service at a competitive price and lead time without jeopardising quality.


Responsiveness is key to our success, coupled with our machining and metallurgy knowledge alongside the commercial awareness we possess which can never be underestimated as this allows us to offer the best solution to our client base (existing/new).


With our clients streamlining their requirements via Global Metal Solutions this allows us to reduce costs within their supply chain. All our suppliers are vetted and are supplying into major OEMS within a diverse marketplace, industries include Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Automotive and medical to name a few.


The utilisation of capacity benefits our clients massively, ensuring we can meet their stringent requirements.

Product Focus...

Based just outside Glasgow – Global Metal Solutions work in synergy with a core of first class subcontract manufacturing companies, the core of the supply chain is based in the UK, covering the spine of the country from north of Aberdeen to southern England.


The supply chain extends to Northern Ireland/Republic Ireland, Poland, Romania and Czech Republic.

Our concept is simple:    We offer a quality product to meet with your specification with the ability to reduce cost’s within your supply chain

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